The Garden

So far, having our own garden has been a LOT of work, but when we eat our own vegetables and fruits, the flavor and nutrition is SO worth the effort!

The asparagus trench took forever to dig - I pulled a couple rocks out of there that weighed over 100lbs each and out of the approximate ton + that came out of the trench, I'd guess that the total weight of the rocks was over 800lbs. A few times, I got REALLY tired of hitting rocks, but my toothy shovel really helped.

It was certainly worth it - think about half of the crowns were 2 or 3 year crowns. Planted Jersey Giant and Sweet Purple. Some of the crowns are as big as a football now and give a lot. The funniest part is that in all my reading and research prior to obtaining these organic crowns, I'd found several articles that indicated planting asparagus from seed just wouldn't happen. Well, as of this writing, I have around 20 seedlings coming up that planted themselves. My asparagus trench is going to get hopelessly overcrowded in the next year or so. Hoping I can find a gardener to give some of them to or sell some of them off. Asparagus is really easy to get along with in my opinion...

The peach and fig trees are progressing nicely.

The Asparagus bloomed -

The yellow pear tomatoes and red pear tomatoes crossed a little


Heirloom red okra - I eat it right off the plant - yummy.

The onions and garlic both bloomed - the garlic got pulled out of the ground before the blooms finished, but we've let the onions do their thing and we have onion seeds. yum.

sunflowers - planted these in my own compost and wow - they're 10 feet tall or more! Last year's didn't get far above 6 feet.

Basil with flowers

Cantaloupes - this is a baby

Cherokee tomatoes - this big tomato is now two-hands-full big!



yellow pear tomatoes



The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! This is a variety that predates 1700 and it grows about 3 feet at night. The crazy thing wants to take over the yard, but I'm not letting it - It is AMAZING how big it's gotten so quickly.




The Murderer of the Pollinator Bees - Robber Fly! They are very quick.

















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